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How to Store Matcha

In order to preserve freshness and flavor of matcha, it is essential to store it correctly. Simply follow the instructions below.

How to store matcha prior to opening

Although matcha will keep up to the expiration date, it is best used as soon as possible once purchased. Our matcha is carefully sealed in an air tight pouch and then the container is further sealed with an air-tight inner lid. However, even with such painstaking packaging care matcha is sensitive to heat, humidity and moisture. Therefore, prior to opening please keep your can of matcha stored in a cool, dry environment. 

How to store matcha after opening

Like a fine wine or freshly roasted coffee, matcha is extremely sensitive to air, heat, humidity and moisture. Once opened, it quickly begins to lose its freshness. Matcha is also sensitive to neighboring odors. In order to preserve maximum freshness and flavor, follow these guidelines. 

  1. As a general rule, use your matcha as soon as possible once opened.
  2. Reseal and close as soon as possible after each use.
  3. Keep the matcha in its original pouch and reseal tightly. Seal the can with the original inner lid. 
  4. Place the can in a zip-lock bag. 
  5. Place the bag inside a Tupperware container.
  6. Place the sealed container in the refrigerator.